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What We Can Do for You


Alcohol & drug Dui DEFENSE

From the date of your arrest for DUI / OUI / DWI in Alaska to request an administrative hearing about your driver's license. If you do not, your driver's license will be automatically suspended. For immediate help contact The Law Office Of Leigh Ann Bauer at (907) 770-7007.

Being charged can put you in a difficult situation legally, socially, and financially. It is important to realize that you still have rights and an experienced Alaska DUI lawyer can make a difference in. Anchorage DUI lawyer Leigh Ann Bauer offers many years of experience in DUI defense and an excellent knowledge of law. She promises to fight for your rights and challenge the prosecution to make every point of its case. Her commitment to thorough planning, meticulous research and relentless defense tactics often leads to success in the courtroom.

You may face DUI charges if you have smoked marijuana to the extent that it impairs your ability to drive.  Unlike alcohol, there is no standard amount of THC that definitively establishes impairment by marijuana therefore, proving impairment by marijuana usage or THC levels is not always easy to do.  California lawmakers have attempted to address the problem, at least to some degree, but currently there is no per se standard in the State of Alaska.

Criminal CASES

I have been successfully and aggressively defending Alaskans who have been charged with criminal offenses, specializing in misdemeanors and felonies. My practice consists primarily of DUI defense, assault offenses, drug offenses, and theft crimes. Since 1992, I have aggressively represented my clients by litigating numerous jury trial cases, and have obtained successful verdicts.

When working up a case, I bring with me many years of experience, and a promise that I will fight for my client's rights, and litigate any and every issue that is present in the case. I believe that a successful defender must put the State to the test and make them prove every element of their case. I am thorough, meticulous, and relentless. I purposefully look for the path of least resistance in every case.

Family Law

A divorce action for many people is the most traumatic event that an individual goes through. Many times it involves children, years of accumulated assets and debts, and the termination of a relationship. I explain to my clients what they can expect in a divorce action, and how to get the best possible result. My office is sensitive to my client's expectations, walking my client through each and every aspect of a divorce action, offering words of encouragement, and ultimately being their front line of defense.