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Posted by Leigh Ann Bauer | Mar 20, 2024 | 0 Comments

Yesterday I was in my car on the hunt for some lunch. That's a big deal for me because I am often too busy to eat lunch, so I was in a pretty good mood. It was a glorious sunny day and I did my level best to ignore that fact that the road conditions were a sloppy mess and the melt off from the roads was coating my car and windshield with dirty water.  Still, it was a wonderful afternoon. What can I say, I'm a glass half-empty kind of girl. As I was stopped at a red light, a beautiful Cadillac Escalade pulled up next to me.  The lady in the passenger seat rolled down her window and looked right at me.  She had an enormous doobie in her mouth.  At first, I thought it was a cigar, but nope, it was weed.  How did I know?  You've got it, the distinctive smell of reefer overwhelmed my dirt covered car.  She was a pretty woman who smiled at me looking like the joker with a large doobie dangling from her lips.  As we pulled into the intersection and onto the highway, she began laughing hysterically (hence the sativa comment) and began taking selfies of herself and the male driver she was with. She was obviously very HAPPY.  She popped her head out of the sun roof, blew more smoke, took more selfies and the driver gunned his car and sped off.  Now I do my level best not to judge other people. Judge not lest you be judged. However, I am a dedicated DUI defense attorney so I am well within my right to say that this girl was a certified bloody idiot. If I had been a police officer, I would have pulled our hero over for possible impaired driving.  In that event, the following factual events would unfold.  The Officer would have pulled the driver out of the car for road side tests based upon the passengers behavior.  He would likely get arrested, taken to jail and the officer would apply for a search warrant for his blood to test for THC.  The Cadillac would get impounded and the cost to bounce the car from the lot would be around $1,000. Its all fun and games until its not. Remember, cars and weed do not mix.  Do not drive and smoke reefer.  It is not a smart move and could get you convicted of an impairment DUI/OUI.        

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